Love Lies Bleeding ...

…in my hands. After the track on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John (words by Bernie Taupin)

Dimensions – 135mm high x 110mm across corners. Box, 50mm long sides x 60mm high

Materials – Mondo and Padauk

Adhesives – PVA and Viscous CA

Finish – Spray Satin Acrylic

Despite the drunken appearance of the legs this box is stable on its pins.

I am (un)fortunate to have a mind which will take a word or phrase and laterally transpose it into other situations. The track inspired the box but my thoughts were also with the people of the three countries in Africa; Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia suffering with Ebola. This caused a change in box design from four to six sides (with three legs). I can be literal at times.

The following six pictures show the book matching on the box sides

These are some construction pictures

Woods: mondo

Tools: table saw router table belt sander drum sander

Tags: box legs two layered



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Michal Bulla ...

I like the design, great job!

RogerBean ...

Nice. A very challenging design, executed with your signature precision.

lanwater ...

I tried to draw parallels between this one and "V ".
Very different; both beautiful.
challenging build for sure.

Thorreain ...

The precise ness of the angles and attention to detail for the cuts is beyond skill and art, you have achieved perfection. This also has the meaning of the art piece surrounding the suffering that is taking place in Africa. Magnificent!

a1jim ...

As always Martyn your ,designs,build and techniques are awe inspiring.

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Love Lies Bleeding ...