Memorial Flag Display Case

This summer we went to North Dakota to help clear out my wife’s grandmother’s house. The flag was her grandfather’s and was just sitting there fading leaning against a wall. I thought it deserved more respect so I tore out a few boards from the basement knowing that I would keep them in as original condition as I could since her grandparents built the house themselves. This was the only handmade Christmas gift I made this year, when I presented it to my wife’s mother she wept with joy saying she feared that the flag was lost. I felt it fitting that the display case be made out of wood that her grandfather milled himself and honored the flag that he proudly fought for in WWII.

Tools: table saw miter saw hand planes

Tags: flag box display plywood plexiglass

Rayner Custom Woodworks


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Thorreain ...

Well done honoring the momory.

a1jim ...

A wonderful tribute to your wife’s grandfather ,very well done.