2014 Christmas gifts

Lazy Susans and cheese boards I made as Christmas gifts for 2014.

Woods: mostly recycled pallet wood

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lanwater ...

Really nice gifts.

I am sure many people smiled

Thorreain ...

Very nice. A lot of great colour choices there

Peepaw ...

Great looking cheese boards. Do you use a template and router?

Tim ...


Thanks you! Yes, I used a template that you can find on Steve Ramsey’s Woodworking for Mere Mortals site. I used a cove bit but will be buying a bowl/tray bit for future boards. I was also thinking of enlarging the board just a bit also.

Peepaw ...

Tim….. I make a few items that I use templates on as well. Great way to get repeatable resultd.

a1jim ...

Lots of great gifts they look fantastic.

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2014 Christmas gifts