Child Shape Toy

The idea for thos toy literally came to me in a dream. It is co n structed of maple, cherry, and walnut. Each side is a square 1/2 × 6 x6 with a 4 inch round insert of a srcond wood and the shape fitting into it from the third wood species. Five of the round inserts are glued into place wh o le the sixth is constructed using dowels to create a quarter turn release for removal. Each shape was sized to prevent it from fitting into another shape cavity. The toy was final sanded using 320 grit and hand finished usein my receipt of organic beeswax and food grade cooking oil.

Tools: band saw jig saw table saw drill press belt sander hand tools



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lanwater ...

That’s neat. It beat Lamaze cubes

Thorreain ...

Excellent puzzle toy. Great wood combinations as well. That’s a fantastic toy, and sure to get passed down the generations. Well done!

BarbS ...

Love it. Very good job!

a1jim ...

Not just a toy,a work of art.

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Child Shape Toy