cedar hurts

I wanted to turn a bowl with feet. Simple enough, till a foot shears off and nails you in the Adams apple. I love turning bowls and cedars a beautiful wood but it is down right dangerous! Green cedar will lull you into a false sense of security. Dry cedar screams like a banshee when turned. I plan on trying this design again with a more stable wood, I’m thinking black walnut, if anyone has any suggestions they would be more than appreciated.

Woods: cedar

Tools: lathe

Tags: bowl

look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a big hunk of the bowl I was turning.


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Thorreain ...

I hope you are ok…yes cedar is dangerous to turn, but, for me the colour variations and cheap price give very interesting results. Have you thought of adding a metal cage of sorts to your lathe while turning fracturious woods? It is still a beautiful piece, the contrast is the draw for me.

TonyCan ...

Glad your ok, sucks that it broke, but it does look great.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Maybe (and I am not a wood turner) you could just turn a skirt and then cope the voids? It might be less dangerous. If I am talking without know about what just let me know….turning is a mystery to me

munchy ...

This was truly my fault, cedar is probably not the best choice for a design like this. I like cedar for the color and the fact that it doesn’t dull chisels as fast as a hard wood. Like I said before I will try this again with a more dense wood .I should have known something was about to happen by the way it started to "scream " for lack of a better word while I was trying to refine the feet. Live and learn 😊

a1jim ...

wow that’s down right scary.

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cedar hurts