Mobile workstation with built-in downdraft box

Editor's Choice - Apr 24, 2014

This mobile workstation is somewhat scabbed together, it’s made almost entirely out of repurposed material. The only thing that I bought was (6) 2×4′s, the pegboard on the sides, and the piece of poplar plywood on top. The 2 larger drawers on the top of each side were made out of an old bedframe that I had made and ended up not liking, I made the face of them with some leftover old-growth doug fir from a closet shelf I had when I remodeled my bedroom (same wood as what was under the ugly paint on the other drawers which came out of my bathroom after remodeling it).

I basically just used the carcass from the old vanity that was built-in to my bathroom, and built a box on top of it to make it the right height and then built the other two drawers to fit. The downdraft box has been a blessing, as I don’t have any dust collection in my shop (I do have a dust separator I made for my shop-vac, but I can’t use it with my big tools because the whole shop is on the same circuit and it flips the breaker if I run the shop-vac with the table saw or any larger machines, but runs fine with my ROS).

I put danish oil on the drawers, and teak oil on the worktop.

Pic 1 – Almost finished, workstation with a coat of danish on the drawers, teak not yet on the top.
Pic 2 – Downdraft box
Pic 3 – Almost ready for some finish
Pic 4 – The drawers before removing the paint, they were an ugly purple-ish pastel color, why cover that up?
Pic 5 – My shop is finally starting to look like a shop.

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kdc68 ...

Well done….I especially like the downdraft section…..Nice looking shop

Michal Bulla ...

Good idea, well done!

a1jim ...

Super build ,it doesn’t look cobbled together to me.

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Mobile workstation with built-in downdraft box