John Deere 9330 Wood Model

This is a replica of a John Deere 9330. The lucky person who received this gift cherished his fullsize Tractor. I have over 200 hours into this model. Again there are no stains or paints used just clear coat. No plastic or metal is used. The steering wheel is 3/32" black walnut ring. The tractor articulates and the hitch works along with the front blade. The motor is fully detailed. You can check more models out at or just google kidmancreations and you can find our blogs, instagram and FaceBook accounts.


Scott Kidman

Woods: black walnut

Tools: basic shop tools hand tools

Tags: model wood models replica wooden design wood


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Martin Sojka ...


Michal Bulla ...

This is amazing!

Woodbridge ...

wow that is amzing!

Thorreain ...

Another fantastic work of art! Beautiful tractor.

Mike40 ...

Very cool. Fantastic detailing.

lanwater ...

Now you are making it difficult to decide on the favorite.

Amazing is right.

lightweightladylefty ...


John Deereā€™s are costly . . . even John Deere models!


Dutchy ...

Man o man what a great build. I have still a lot to learn.

Shin ...

You mentioned that you used Ebony for the steering wheel, what did you use for the Green, Yellow and Black?

a1jim ...

Your 200 hours shows,amazing work.

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John Deere 9330 Wood Model