Small Chest of Drawers

Almost antique, I built this chest in 1982 just prior to the birth of my oldest daughter. It was a part of a matching set that included a crib and changing table. The three items were used in the nursery of all three daughters. The chest was placed in another room and later in storage until my second daughter asked for it. She sanded, painted, and added new hardware for use in her home. Makes me proud to see my work becoming heirlooms.

Woods: maple



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Sheri ...

Your dresser is beautiful!! Great job!! Just wondering if you have a photo of it before it was painted ?

Thorreain ...

Well done, it is an heirloom.

Peepaw ...

Sheri, I dont have many photos of it brfore painting but the second photo shows the original as it sat in storage.

a1jim ...

vert nice clean build.

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Small Chest of Drawers