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This bar incorporated Bubinga, copper, steel, Ocean Pearl stone (a local slate) and Basalt.
This section of curved bar was laminated with pie shaped pieces which causes the grain to pull your eyes around the piece.
The Bubinga is 4" thick and was scribed around the Basalt.
The Basalt was shaped and polished. We textured both the copper and the steel strapping. The steel was scribed to the rock as well.
I’ll get some better photos up later

Woods: bubinga

Tools: jointer planer wide belt sander tablesaw hand planes belt sander hand tools lots of clamps grinder welder anvil bobcat tiger torch cement mixer stone polisher bandsaw jigsaw elbow grease

Tags: bar top stone steel copper



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Mike40 ...

Maybe the most original bar I have ever seen.

Thorreain ...

Wow, this is great! I love the colour variations and mix of materials. How long and how many people did it take to create this masterpiece?

Glaros Studios ...

We had seven people on this (not including electricians, plumbers etc) and the whole job was about 6 months including design and finishing

Oldmil ...

Very cool!

a1jim ...

Unique,wonderful and masterfully done.

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Piper's Pub Details