Molnar Opus1 Harpsichord Project

I’m building a Flemish-style harpsichord from scratch using Ernest Miller’s Harpsichord Project E-Book 3.1. You can watch my progress in two places:

The blog has more detailed information, but I post to the Facebook page nearly every day.

Thanks! Darin

Woods: poplar african blackwood quartersawn red oak pine

Tools: table saw bandsaw 6" jointer thickness planer sliding compound saw sander sand paper chisels scrapers clamps router xacto knife hide glue garrett-wade glue awl

Tags: harpsichord instrument lutherie early

Darin R. Molnar


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Thorreain ...

This site has a great blog feature, I have used it exclusively for woodworking projects.

Thorreain ...

Forgot to say, nice work by the way. You certainly have skills that I only dream of. I have refinished a piano, and refinished/repairmen a lot of different stringed instruments over the years, I know how much attention to detail this work demands. Great job!

a1jim ...

Wow this is a very ambitious undertaking ,great start.

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Molnar Opus1 Harpsichord Project