Candy Dispenser

So as always i like to start with my raw materials, i have a 6ft poplar board.

So i bought this board with the intentions of making this, i was going to make plans for it, but i said screw it i will just wing it!! So i cut the board into 4 pieces, top, bot, and 2 sides.

I then cut groves into all 4 pieces to slide the plexiglass in place.

I decided 45deg was a good angle for the interior pieces, so i cut slots in the side pieces for them.

I wanted to make it where i would not use nails or screws just wood and pressure. So i cut out slots on the top and bottom pieces so the sides fit in the groove. I did it with my table saw as my router was not set up at the time.

On the side pieces i drilled the holes for the spinner that feeds the candy.

I cut the plexiglass to size, i had purchased a big sheet so i cut a few pieces, i might make more of these to give away. I used my table saw to cut, went pretty well.

I finally got my router set up, and so i decided to give it a little attention to detail.

The grooves were tight, but a little sanding and a rubber mallet they fit!

Then i finally put it all together. The top had to be revised on the fly, as i was hammering it into place it was way too tight and so one of the outside lips snapped, so i just shaved the other one off and made it work. I drilled a hole on the top to refill with candy and i made the topper out of what i had left over the bar for the handle. I did not put a finish of any kind on the wood.

Tools: table saw router miter saw drill press


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Thorreain ...

Sweeeet! Great project man!

Shin ...

I like Thorreain’s comment. Sweeeet! Especially since it’s a candy dispenser. :-) Great project! Ought to be a hit with the kids, young and old.

Tim ...

I love it! Functional and FUN!

TonyCan ...

Thanks guys, i ended up giving it to my sister, she loved it plus she has 2 boys and im sure they will love it. It was fun making it. I plan on making a few more.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Lol very cool. I’ll have to keep this project in the back of my head so when the grandson comes over he can get some candy. But hes 1 so i have

TonyCan ...

yup, you have some time. My nephews are loving it. Have another idea for one of these brewing, so when i finish with my current project i will get to it.

a1jim ...

This is the coolest ,wonderful photo lay out too.

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