The book, of wood.

Editor's Choice - Jan 19, 2015

I had a dream, and I realized it.
I built a book entirely of wood. This book should see a realistic book confusingly similar.
The cover of the book has a hole as marquetry. You can read the text on the first page.
The book has a secret compartment.
I can show more pictures and answer questions.
From the construction of the book there is a video series on YouTube.
Greetings Uwe

The presentation of the book you see here.

Woods: different veneer

Tools: hand tool

Tags: marquetry 3d marquetrie



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Thorreain ...

This is one beautiful piece of craftsmanship, excellent work! Very well done, I love this book. The lettering on the front is so detailed! You really do truly amazing work Uwe, thanks for taking the time sharing and making your videos, I really enjoyed watching all of the ones on your u-tube site. Thank you also for passing along your skills, I hope you will use the blog feature on this site in the future.

Michal Bulla ...

Wow, amazing idea and perfect craftsmanship!

shipwright ...

Very nice work Uwe. The time spent on the letters was worth the effort.

Sheri ...

Great piece of art/craftsmanship!!

Celticscroller ...

Wow! This is amazing. A beautiful piece and great idea.

lanwater ...

Beautiful book!
you are really good at what you do.

Peepaw ...

Something about ideas that come to us in our dreams. You are quite an artist and craftsman.

a1jim ...

Wow ,this is beautiful and shows what an outstanding craftsman you are.

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The book, of wood.