Piper's Pub detail

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Woods: cherry

Tools: entry

Tags: pub



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Sheri ...

Do you have more photo’s? For some reason I have a hard time making the photo out?

Thorreain ...

Very clean work, well done.

Glaros Studios ...

I’ll get some more photo’s up soon.
No visible nails or screws, all sections were pre-built and assembled during the install

shipwright ...

A nice series of projects Angellos.
You do very nice work.

Glaros Studios ...

Thank you. I checked out some of your work also…you too. I did a tiny bit of veneer work in school but nothing overly creative, I really like what you are doing with it. I haven’t done any marquetry, just veneered gables etc.. looks like you are having fun with it

RogerBean ...

Nice work indeed.

a1jim ...

Very nice work Angellos

Glaros Studios ...

Thanks Jim

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Piper's Pub detail