Shadow Boxes

Bought a magazine a while back, which had shadow boxes as a project. My wife flipped through it and said, I know a project that you can do with your new table saw. Hint Hint. So, I’m making shadow boxes. Nothing fancy, but sure is fun.

I did a Pine prototype, to check out my table saw sleds and home made frame clamp; not to mention the techniques and tasks.

The Pine proto turned out nice, and I’m now on the Oak shadow boxes. Sure enjoying making saw dust.

Happy Wooding

Keith “Shin” Schindler
The South Central Texas Wood Butcher

Woods: red oak

Tools: table saw frame clamp

Tags: shadow box

Keith "Shin" Schindler


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Thorreain ...

They look well built. I have no idea what a shadow box is used for tho.

Shin ...

Thanks Thorreain. Shadow boxes are, basically, wall mounted display shelves.

Shin ...

Finally got the shadow boxes finished.

a1jim ...

they look super keith

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Shadow Boxes