RCA dog

When I saw a picture of the RCA Dog (Nipper) I decided to make it my project.
I turned to horn of the gramophone with my home made wood mini lathe. and used a block of basswood for the carving.
Here is a link to my video

Woods: oak basswood

Tools: knives mini-lathe bandsaw

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Thorreain ...

That is a beautiful piece and great video, thank you for sharing.

Michal Bulla ...

So cute, well done!

Rolando Pupo ...

Thank you Thorreain and Michal .

a1jim ...

A very cool and unique project

Rolando Pupo ...

Thanks a1jim .. it was a lot of fun to conceptualize and build.. part of the fun was doing the research for the gramophone and the original publication of “NIPPER”.

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RCA dog