Pool table

Editor's Choice - Jan 20, 2015

4 1/2′ × 9′ table
2" slate
I modelled the pockets after Snooker pockets but I made them to the specs for 2 1/4" billiard balls

Woods: mahogany quilted maple copper steel leather slate abalony inlays

Tools: most everything

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Thorreain ...

Nicely turned legs. Beautiful.

lanwater ...

Imposing table but it stands out really well.

Brian ...

Gorgeous. That’s quite a project. How did you deal with the playing surface? Usually they’re slate, I think.

mike1950 ...

Beautiful Table- sure would be nice to have more pictures. Hint!!

Glaros Studios ...

Thanks, the table has a 2" slate.
I was given a 4 piece slate system from a 6′ × 12′ table that had a fractured corner (this was what inspired the project). I kept the mating edges stock and cut down the perimeter. For the pockets a did several cuts and gently chiseled them off. I did the final shaping with a grinder (diamond cup wheel and water), files and sand paper.
It may look imposing but (like most projects) the table components are actually quite simple but it did involve a bit of math.

I did have to make the pocket irons as my rails are a bit wider than stock pool tables. I can’t begin to tell you how handy it is to have a few metal working tools in your shop!
I tried to sub out the leather work but but I couldn’t find anyone so I had to do that bit too. I had a net company do the pocket netting.

The finish is Danish oil and wax.

Glaros Studios ...

Mike, I’ll get some pictures up soon but check out my FB page “Glaros Studios” if you want to see some more stuff. I have my metal sculptures, railings etc up there as well which are pretty interesting as well.
I did a really cool collaborative piece (railing) which made it on to the cover of Best Homes magazine last Spring but I only did the metal work so I won’t post it here.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Beautiful! Great Craftsmenship! Congratulations on your editor choice award for table.

a1jim ...

Wow this is a fantastic pool table what a chore to take on.

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Pool table