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Small bowl

Small bowl


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Surf Fishing Plugs #12: Payoff

Woodworking and fishing combined. :-)

Surf Fishing Plugs #11: Epoxy spinner

So I’ve been really ramping up my game here and one thing that has bothered me is the final protective coat of epoxy. I was not getting good results with 5 minute epoxy so I switched to envirotex, which has a much longer working time, but it sags...

Surf Fishing Plugs #10: Night crew

Night time is the right time for the big ones. Stripers have not awesome vision but they do have very adaptive eyes. I read recently a scientific article about striper vision that confirmed the general consensus on the beach, which is that...



JayKayPur ...

Brian, thanks for the comments on the spalted box. The clasp basically works—stays closed—via friction. I have the wood snugged together pretty good but still, to the point where it opens easily. Thanks again.

jim webster ...

thank for the comments

jim webster ...

how u doing Brian u coming up with something new

Brian ...

Working on it. Need some nice weather so I can open the garage door.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Brian , just checked out all your projects . You have some really original ideas . You do amazing work . Keep the chips flying

Brian ...