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Tiny plane

I keep this guy in my backpack for emergencies. :-)

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Stealing wood

I’m no thief, so let me get that out of the way real quick. :-) Yesterday, while riding my bike with my 4 year old (he’s already an expert rider!), we passed a cherry tree next to the street that had recently been trimmed to keep the branches...

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Need a new circular saw

I’ve been working nights doing some carpentry and without my (relatively) luxurious and large tablesaw, I’ve come to the conclusion that my inexpensive skil circular saw is just not up to the task for practically anything. I have a nice finish...

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US Box Swap 2017

Confirmed participants so far: David E Papadan Brian Madts Rules: Anything goes. Make any kind of box, any size, shape, color, wood, hardware, etc. Everyone that’s in on this swap sign up on this thread. Share your ideas, progress,...

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Douglas Fir, 1956 vs 2017

Small piece came out my house. What a difference! Imagine what it will look like in another 60 years after they figure out how to GMO it into a single year’s growth to harvest.

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Making a small box to take abuse

I made a box to hold my cigarettes that I buy loose at the local reservation. It’s been almost 2 years that I’ve carried that box with me everywhere I go: work, fishing, rain, shine, snow and sleet. It’s taken a LOT of abuse and it shows. It’s...

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Interesting find

Found this on the beach. It’s interesting so I took it home. It’s full of sand and I’m not sure how to get rid of it. I might not be able to use it because of the sand. It’s also pretty fragile because it’s kind of rotten. Who knows how...

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What kind of hand saw for this job?

I’m planning a cantilevered pergola for my backyard modeled after the one in the photo. I designed it and bought the materials yesterday. I have a good handle on how to get it assembled (figuring out how to get the rafters up by myself was the...

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Need a boring drill bit

I need a boring bit. I want one that is so boring I forget how easy it is to use it. I’m tired of the excitement caused by my cheap drill bits that start wandering all over creation. Those are loser bits. I want a winning bit. I want it to win so...

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New toy!

Look what Santa Amazon brought me today! I plan to make big salt water fishing lures this winter. While looking for a hogger rasp I came across this guy. Works pretty well. Made quick work out of the end of this 2×3. Only cost $16.

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Oh no! Cracked cutting board

I just arrived at my parent’s place and gave them the cutting board and we washed it, then no more than 20 minutes later it cracked on both the left and right sides in about the middle of the board, and the board itself is now warped. What...

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Home button

Could you put a home button/logo in the center of the top navbar? Going through the drop down is kind of a pain for my fat clumsy fingers on the phone. Thanks.

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Need help with draw pegs

I have a job building a screen for a roof terrace deck. The screen covers a mechanical bulkhead with AC condensers on the roof of the bulkhead. So far I have all my layout done and the upper section is done. The wood is cedar. The lower...

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Need new roller stands

I have a pair of cheap roller stands (they came with my table saw) and they are finally biting the dust. First the height adjustment knob stripped and I took to holding the height with clamps. But now one of the rollers is completely broken. ...

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Small accomplishment, feeling pretty good

I have a small accomplishment at work. Due to change of use from residential to commercial, we had to reverse the swing of an entrance door in a historic building in the south street seaport historic district so it swings out to facilitate...

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Stoopid mailman tried to kill me

So I’m in my garage with the door open cutting hinge mortices for a door I made a while ago and finally getting around to hang. I use the hinges with a 5/8 radius so I cut them with my router and a template to get nice, clean, round edges....

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Planer blades welded onto spindle

I haven’t been doing really any woodworking all summer, but now that the weather is changing it’s time to come back inside and get back to work. Last spring I made a couple of things using African super hardwood ekki reclaimed from a pier in the...

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Nice find today at a yard sale

Wife and I walked around the neighborhood today and found a yard sale. The guy was a woodworker, retired and moving closer to family soon. He sold most everything a long time ago but had a large coffee can full of hinges for $5 so I grabbed it....

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web photos

For kicks I opened up the g+ and Facebook pages for WWW and the photos are 100 times clearer than on the website. I’m using chrome on my android phone (I very rarely use a computer). The website photos are grainy and very compressed. I suppose...

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I made my third mallet this week. If it looks similar to my first one, it’s because it is very similar, but I changed the handle slightly and used pallet oak instead of maple. I know there are some beautiful mallets out there. Let’s see them. I...