Project builds #49: Green oak gates build whirlwind run through

So for this order of 4 gates and fencing I was asked to use the clients own timber.

The logs were milled 22/12/16 by a Lucas mill that I hired in with operator just to get the job done.

I then stacked the timber in the farm grainstore (currrntly my timber store) and selected out what I was going to use where and for what pieces of each gate.

From there I could cross cut and plane the oak. This step was hardest of all with a bad back as it is seriously heavy timber this is slow grown English oak at its best.

Once components were planed it was on to lay out one gate was a totally new design asked for by the client for this I had to create a new template.

These gates came together fairly quick once I got a start at them green oak is a tough material but it works nicely with sharp tools. Once I had set the morticer for the first hole the others could all be cut of the same setting only needing to change the bit for the vertical laths in the 4ft gate and the braces in the other three. Same with the tenoner setting set it and machine the whole batch.

Once tenons and mortices are cut I shape the tops of the stiles and ad any rail shapes this was done with bandsaw, spoke shaves and carving chisels as the belt sander is as good as useless on this green oak.

I could now drill the peg holes through the sides of the stiles through the mortices this I did on my pillar drill.

Now came time for a dry fit fitting all the tenons as I went once together the gates were nipped up with sash cramps and checked for square.

Once square the correct draw could be marked on the tenons and the braces marked up.

At this stage the gates are disassembled the offset peg holes drilled in the tenons and the braces cut accordingly.

Prior to final fit up the whole set up needed to be bleached with acid. I’ve never seen oak with such a high tannin content it would go black just at the thought of something metallic being near it.

Now for final fit up the gates were put together squared and clamped then the pegs I had made earlier from kiln dried oak were added.

Now all that was left was to cut the pegs off, sand up and oil.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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