Project #8: Rustic Signs (Part 2)

I am now utterly convinced that the longer you watch paint dry the more tacky it gets. Luckily I found other things to do while I waited for all of the paint to dry. I have given all of the wood as coat of teak wood stain to act as a base and then added a couple of coats of some acrylic gloss paint I have in my craft box.

When the paint had finally dried I added the finer details to the plaques and started sanding them down.

I’m pleased with hown everything has turned out so far and I think there is a massive improvement to my first attempt. Now all that’s left to do is add some rustic handles, finish sanding and add some final details. I have learnt a lot from this process including what colours I do and don’t like as a background. I think pastel and white colours work best as a background

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a1jim ...

Looking good well done.

Bo Peep ...

Thank you

RobsCastle ...

Take it easy will will have your Mum in tears!!

Nice work just the same!

Bo Peep ...

Haha these are for my Etsy shop for the mother’s day collection, I forgot to mention it in the post

RobsCastle ...

OK then.

Here is my effort on my wife’s kitchen sign

Bo Peep ...

I hope I didn’t offend you; my apologies if I did.

That it is a really good effort. I like how smooth and crisp it is

Richforever ...

Those signs will mean a lot to the folks who use them. Good job!

Whitacrebespoke ...

I think they are excellent and very envouge at the moment. Try and experiment with a clear lacquer you want one in a spray can if you as a thin coat it will keep them looking the same for ever and set the lettering. It will also give you the ability to wipe dust off them should you not sell all your stock this season.

Jack ...

Great work Bo Peep, she will LOVE them.

Bo Peep ...

Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback. I feel like I’ve come a long way since I started out on this crazy woodworking journey