Who is interested in building this sort of stuff?

They are simple basic medium sized chairs for “Bigger Kids” no additional parts involved , apart from a back rest of course.

Regards Rob


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kiefer ...

Build it and you will find out but you better make a few !
Should look nice with the fancy Malof joinery .


RobsCastle ...

Hello Klaus,

I was only interested in finding out if anybody was interested in making them as I was thinking about doing a build blog much the same as Paul and Les did.

Bill ...

I’m in.I’ll see if I can make time to take part in your blog

Jack ...

Hope you will do a build blog, love the chairs. I particularly would like see the Maloof joint made as I have not hand much luck after a few trys. Thank you Rob.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Timely. I was thinking I’d make a chair but I have to admit I’m daunted by the idea. I’m in, too…

RobsCastle ...

Hello fellow wood workers,

I have currently requested permission to do this tutorial from the web owners and I am awaiting formal approval.
Dont be too concerned as I have continued the build and busily pictorially documenting the various stages as I go.

This week I have been making back supports.

The current progress is:-

A bit of a chicken and the egg situation maybe I should have asked permission first and then checked for interest… who knows I hack wood not computer systems!


RobsCastle ...

Almost forgot, I had another interested party as well!

Jack ...

What is it and does it bite?

RobsCastle ...

Ha ha Jack well spotted! its an Australian Water Dragon or AKA Eastern Water Dragon

They have the distinctive black flash behind the eyes and red under belly near ther front legs
There is a family of them living around the house, hiding in my timber stacks.
They can make pets if you wanted to cage them. I think the most damage they would do is sctarch you if to annoyed them. The will be about a meter when fully grown.
They eat insects and love bananas for some reason!

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Who doesn’t love bananas? a meter?! Crikey! Komodo!
I had a spider almost that big last year but she seems to have gone to another workshop, probably a posher one, mine’s not so posh. Maybe the stray cat that sleeps there now (workshop has a cat flap, don’t ask why) bothered her, who knows? I kind of miss her, but not very much. She hung out near the hand planes and worried me.

a1jim ...

Cool blog, Thanks for sharing Rob.

Bill ...

did you get permission to do your build blog?I am waiting

RobsCastle ...

A sample of what you can expect to achieve upon completion.