Competition: Bookends

Oh my word! Sometimes I wish I didn’t tell people what I do for a living! I recently joined a young farmers group and told them all about the woodwork that I do. This turned out to be a BIG mistake as they have a competition day coming up and they needed to put someone down for the woodworking category. I don’t think I had much choice and sat there thinking how do I get out of this one. And the answer to that is I CAN’T! I need to man up and get on with it. I think a bit of pressure will do me some good and get me motivated to try new things again. I have a basic list of things to tick off with creativity giving me 20% of my marks. Everything has to be ready for the big day on the 20th May so I have a few weeks to plan it all out and get cracking on it. I won’t post too many updates as one of the judges is on here and I don’t want to give too much away until after the competition. This should keep me occupied for a while and I am looking forward to the process and then breathing again when everything is said and done!

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kiefer ...

Get with it and enjoy is all I would say !

Bo Peep ...

Thanks I am going to make a story board for ideas and then just go for it

Manitario ...

We all need a little push once in awhile to open up and be more creative and push our technical skill set.

Richforever ...

Please show us the end results and all your trophies!

Jack ...

You got this Peep, you inspire us all.

Bo Peep ...

Thanks guys, I’ve got a plan (sort of) of what I’m going to do and I’m going with a beach theme. Will post an update when I can