Project builds #52: There done at last.

Finally the crazy curve tops are done.

I’m not 100% happy with them but I’ve learnt masses from the process, normally I’d just trim the bottom to fit the fall but the fall on these was 235mm in the 3m opening.

I would not hesitate at doing a set of these again but will be building some more benches so I can pull them together and lay out full size and build to that drawing.

Got to get a HVLP sprayer to for finishing these things as the brush just does not cut it on these high end things.

All that’s left till jobs fully complete is some small panels at side of gates and to reset the paving around the posts.

Tags: courtyard gate

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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oldrivers ...

Good looking Gates, you did great, job well done.

Whitacrebespoke ...


lightweightladylefty ...

They really look great!


Whitacrebespoke ...

Thankyou, real headache stuff but done now!

Richforever ...

Nice details!

Brian ...

Very nice work. It looks great in the opening. The curved top really makes the whole thing work visually. The steep slant at the base is virtually invisible thanks to the way you handled the top. It would be a completely different story if the top was square. Very nice!

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks Guys, your right Brian they look the part because of the curve top that draws the eye. Only problem is several people think the same so I have passed out no end of business cards and as the whole estate is built on a hill I have no doubt there will be others like this to do.

Brian ...

You’ll become so efficient at making them you’ll double your profit with the time savings. ;-)

Whitacrebespoke ...

Hope so Brian. Not so sure about the effiency though!