Hand tools #14: Heavy firmer chisel set.

As I’m sure by now most of you know my work involves lots of mortice and tenons. The more I do the more different sizes I use my most used sizes are 5/8, 3/4,7/8s 1 and 1-1/2. I had the 1&2 inch sussed when I started with Robert sorby registered firmer chisels these are now 16 years old and regular favourites despite getting damaged in a flood. I also had an 1-1/2 marples I was given by my dad that was exceptional but that was stolen with a van.

I have for a long while used some all steel chisels from a French manufacturer but the backs on these are not as flat as I would have liked and while they are excellent for rough and site work they don’t have the same fit or feel as traditional chisels they are also metric, which is fine but a lot of my mortice chisels and chains are imperial and never the twain should meet.

Any how I’ve quietly been building a set of these heavy registered chisels by UK makers (my favourite being the brades ones).

Slowly I’ve assembled what you see here the 5/8ths one has been pressed into service lock fitting in the short term so is not in the photo.

I’m still looking for the illusive 7/8s 3/4 also seems to be a size that was either just not popular or was so popular they all got used to extinction. I have ordered a brand new Robert sorby 3/4 one but none of the modern makers makes a 7/8s and in fact Ashley iles who’s tools I rate very highly has in fact dropped the firmer chisel totally from their catalogue.

I’ve spoken to the tool dealers I use in connection with this and hopefully one of those guys will come up with the goods. It was one of these guys who supplied the 5/8s one.

My next plan once these are rehandled and the backs flat and sharp is to finish a full set of brades square edge bench chisels I have on the go I will then I suppose have to decide what to do with the other boxes of chisels I’ve brought ove the years as complete sets just to pull out the odd one or two for use.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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