Project builds #56: Porch

Just putting the final touches to the porch build. This job has been a really interesting learning curve and one that has pushed me further into wanting to mill my own timber as the mill that supplied this are real jokers and how it’s made beam grade I will never know.

Lots of hard work swearing and tool sharpening has brought me to setting the raising date as this coming Tuesday just got so fettling to do tomorrow and Monday and then it’s going up.

To be honest I can’t wait to have it up and off my hands. I’ve not enjoyed this one as I should have. There have been issues from day one with it from poor timber to builders delays etc etc I’m now a month behind and have done no other paying work in that time so this one will cost me dear.

However the job is in a prominent location and I think will bring work my way.

A full blog and creation will come once I’ve finished. I also hope to get a time lapse of the frame going up.

Tags: professional woodworking gd green oak

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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