Project builds #57: Porch raising to wall plate.

It’s been a very long very interesting day raising the large porch frame at the Farm Shop.

Thankfully we had two large site telescopic loaders and we needed them. A crane would have been useful but not in the budget.

The constrictions of the site meant we had to lift the right side first and lift it over the brick pier footings then hold it up with the smaller machine while we lifted the other wall into place.

Once the post were dropped down on the pins in the piers we could fit the tempory loose tenons that are going to hold the building in place until we fit the king posts.

At this stage we would know success of fail and I’m pleased to report the frame was mm perfect the loose tenons went in a treat and after a good clamping to get everything in the right place the peg holes were drilled and tempory pins added.

We then checked the roof geometry ready to final cut all that tomorrow and Thursday.

I’m please to say all went well today and my checking and double checking of measurements and square has really been worth the effort. I couldn’t have raised it with out the help of David my Farther in a Law who I get into many sticky situations. Also James Harrison the main contractor and his main man Ivan with out whom we physically would not have had enough pairs of hands to get the job done.

Tags: green oak professional woodworking

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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oldrivers ...

That is one Big Job and it is looking Good.

lightweightladylefty ...

What an incredibly massive piece to lift! That’s going to look great.


Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks guys. From the top to the brick piers to top of the wall plate is 5080mm and the front posts are 300mm square so yes it’s a big frame with another bay on it it would do me as a house to be honest.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Very impressive job , way to go.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks bruce

RobsCastle ...

I await the juicy info!