Project builds #58: Oak porch detailed part 1

I’m sure by now you have all seen the other blogs and creation about this porch well I’ve been asked for more detail so here goes.

The oak timber frame was built as a porch for a place called Malt Kiln Farm shop near Rugby England. It’s a completely new complex as the old building was completely distroyed by fire (arson) in June 2016.

The farm shop is owned by a farming family and the produce lots of their own fruit, vegetables and meat which is marketed through the farm shop.

The porch frame it’s self is 5080mm from the top of the blue brick footing piers to the top of the wall plate and the roof is 5m from the centre of the ridge to the end of the rafter. The front post are 300mm square.

The oak was all grown in the UK and was milled by a hardwood company in the South West of England. The two front legs started out as 5200mmlong 300mm square which is .468 cubic metres each post which is over half a tonne each post.

The first job with anything like this is to get a drawing agreed by the client and after 2 attempts this was done no work could begin on getting the frame made.

As soon as the timber arrived I selected out what sections were for where separated it all out and marked up where it was for with in the frame.

I then laid up the timber for the side frames on tresses nice and square and level. I could the mark the joinery using old scribe teniques.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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