Hand tools #15: New saws

So after the disappointment with the lie Nielsen back Saw I’ve struggled with my old ones but time had come for a couple of new ones first up a 10inch 20 TPI gents saw as my original is a 6 inch I think. Second was a monster 18 inch 9tpi rip cut with a 5inch depth of cut. It’s a beast of a tool.

The gent Saw is perfect just as it is an was brought for the nuts amounts of glazing bars I’ve got to at the moment.

The big Saw is a touch aggressive for my liking so will need a bit of fettling it’s a machine punched saw probably machine set too so will only get better with a fettle. My thought is I might touch the tops of the teeth with the triangular file and if needed just touch the sides with a medium/course diamond stone just to pull off a slight amount of set.

Both these saws were made by Thomas Flynn in Sheffield and are very nice saws. My next Saw will be a Skelton handmade Saw but they are more than twice if not treble the price.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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