Mobile bench prototype

I started a prototype mobile bench for the hybrid wood worker last night as really need to get something together for next week.

As a hybrid wood worker this is a difficult thing hand tool benches traditionally are heavy with thick tops and solid construction but that does not make for portability.

Power tool benches are light with thin normally 3/4 tops of some kind of folding format, that does not lend its self to hand work very well.

I’ve tried to create a portable light ish bench with a Vice and the possibility of using holdfasts and traditional bench dogs.

What I came up with was a Ron Paulk inspired bench with a 140mm face made of spruce 40mm thick with 12mm thick hardwood ply top. The bottom and ribs are made of 12mm OSB as I had a mountain of off cuts left from a job in fact the ply was a reject sheet so thus far I’m in for £8 for the construction grade spruce front rail, some screws that were rough and destined for the scrap bin, a Vice that I paid £15 for and a dog end of a jug of titebond that wants using out the way.

I wouldn’t use OSB again and time will tell about the top thickness but the section by the Vice has a piece of 175×70mm thick spruce that the Vice is mounted on then that half the bench has a 75×50 piece of spruce bracing that will actually give me the thickness for the dog holes on that half. The OSB is awful stuff to work with and my permanent version of this bench will be made from ply and spruce entirely.

When I do get time I will redo this bench using better materials and a template on my over head Router as the copy follower bit in my little trend Router has picked up every hollow in the OSB and it’s a rough finish.

The finished tops are a lot more rigid that I had expected they are not as heavy as I’d though either which is a bonus. I’m happy with the result but not the materials or the execution of this

Next up is a base unit hummm how to go about that one.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.


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Brian ...

Looks like it’s getting use. I saw it in the window blog. Good for 200+ miles. :-)

Whitacrebespoke ...

Yes it’s had some hammer past few weeks. It’s back home now flat on a pallet awaiting the next job. To be honest I may cease to be mobile and go in the shop as an assembly bench.