Mitre Saw Dust Collection

Hey all,
Haven’t done much woodworking this summer, it’s hard to be inside the shop when it’s so nice outside. Slowly gearing up for my winter woodworking, doing a few much needed shop projects and maintenance (waxing all the cast iron, re-finishing my outfeed table, making a couple jigs that have long been on my “to-do” list). I’m re-vamping my current MS dust collection hood and put together this short video of my current setup. The main reason why I went with the smaller sliding MS was that I can get the DC hood closer to it and improve its DC.

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Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


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Whitacrebespoke ...

I need to organise an extraction hood for mine as the shop vac direct to it sucks the rubber part inside out in my dewalt 708.

Brian ...

The only reason I run the vac on mine is so chips don’t end up in my hair. LOL. No matter what I still have to vacuum after.