Viking clamps.

I was in Denmark for 14 days in Oct. for my sons Masters graduation. During that time I took time out to visit Mads. His shop is like a museum. There is stuff everywhere, some of it old, some of it new, but made from old ideas.

I have made some clamps that I saw in his shop. He has posted these before. Mine are my own rendition of thes Viking clamps. I am using sailmakers twine as the holdtogether. I also added some leather at the ends.

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


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a1jim ...

Interesting Idea ,nice work.

Brian ...


Moment ...

This reminds me when I was doing some minor fix ups
and repairs at the kids house a couple of months ago .
my son in law had broken a light bulb while trying to remove
it . In earnest he continued on , until there was nothing but
the brass screw ring left inside the fixture . I scrounged up a piece
of thin rubber and cut it to a length the would fit inside the ring,
then I used a pair of linemans pliers,spreading the head of the pliers
until they made contact with the rubber. Then I put a lot of force
spreading the handles apart while backing out the rubber ring and
brass screw ring together . Leverage and friction ,…. two off- set
levers with a pivot point(pliers) ,working in reverse of what it was designed
to do , but it worked . Those clamps got me to thinking about
levers and pivot points …..interesting stuff .
Did you know Vikings made their shields out of Balsa wood . Sounds
crazy right ??? , …….crazy smart .

Brian ...

Crazy smart indeed.

Moment ...

( Correction : I meant to say Basswood /Linden …….not Balsa wood . )

Madts ...

Balsawood!! I do not think that the Vikings made it to south America.

Moment ...

Yeah , I missed that by a whole continent !