Surf Fishing Plugs #14: How to fit 10 lbs of beef in a 5 lb bag

I haven’t kept this blog up even though I’ve made a bunch of lures. I figured this one is interesting enough to warrant an entry.

I wanted a very, very large bait and I have made a couple of 12"+ lures but they all had one issue in common: they don’t fit in my bag. Surf bags have tubes that you dangle the lures in. The tubes in my bag are plastic and rectangular shaped, about 1-1/2″ × 2-1/4″ × 8-3/4". The height in particular is the limiting factor. I can’t close the bag if something sticks out of the top more than about 3/4". So I wanted to make sure my extra large bait would somehow fit. I came up with a few ideas for a 2 piece lure that would be assembled together on the beach but none of those ideas seemed sturdy or u was afraid it would come apart or whatever. Simply bad engineering. Then I had a brainstorm: a double jointed lure, joined in the center that would allow it to fold in half. And now it fits. And this is how you fit 10 lbs of beef into a 5 lb bag.

20" in full regalia and weighs in at a svelt 5 oz. It’s a bit over the casting weight limit of my rod, so it gets lobbed, although it is tail weighted, so with the right rod, this should be an excellent caster.

The tail hook feathers are gull feathers I picked up off the beach. That should bring some good luck, I think.

No one on the salt water fishing website I belong to has ever seen anything like it, so I do believe it’s an original idea.

Because of the weight and casting limits, I doubt it will see much use, but it has great potential on a new moon. :-)

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Madts ...

What do you want to catch with a 12" lure? You will need a pick-up truck to get it out of the water.


Brian ...

:-) that’s the whole idea!!! A 50 lb striped bass would be nice. The mouth is so large it could inhale a 12" lure sideways. She’s going to have to work for a 20" meal. :-)

Jack ...

Gooduck with that Brian. Is that something that could be patented?

Brian ...

I don’t think any wood plug could be patented. In fact, I don’t think any lure maker patents anything. These things go in and out of fashion. And the wooden ones are basically timeless designs. Nothing new has been invented in years. Also, very few people would be crazy enough to buy a lure like this monster. ;-)

Got a nice one this morning. Not on this lure. About 15 lbs.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Good man Brian nice work. I’ve got to get my arse our fishing again tired of catching SFA though. I like the design and have several beach casters that could handle it. Here in U.K. though we’re on lock down as the country has over fished its quota of bass at the moment so we cannot take bass and if we catch should be releasing and packing up and going home. How that will be in the spring I don’t know. Might have to go try target so skate or thornback rays in the spring.

Brian ...

A lot of guys do catch and release. They call it CPR (catch photo release). I release most and I would release all except my wife wants them. They are tastey so I don’t object too strenuously. I have a friend big into sharks and rays. He took a ray home once and filled his freezer with it. I prefer the hunt and the fight with bass and bluefish. I guess it’s a lot like fly fishing trout in that regard, just everything is more extreme. If I didn’t live near the ocean, I would probably fly fish.

Whitacrebespoke ...

I agree the bass hunt is addictive and I see why some guys dedicate their lives to it.

Madts ...

If you took the b out of Bass you would be describing the US House and Senate,.


Whitacrebespoke ...

Ha ha

Brian ...

I’d love to hunt them down too.

Whitacrebespoke ...

You’d need shark and snake lures for that lot though if they are any thing like our politicians.

Brian ...

Drill a hole in a penny. Slip it over a 10/0 circle hook. Catch every cast.