Rants from the chaos woodshop #1: For the love of wood work.

I dare say I’ve said this before and I’ve no doubt I will say it again but I’ve currently fallen out of love with my craft. Not with timber I still see the beauty in every piece I make contact with. The actual making and doing though has really worn thin over the past few weeks, to the point I do everything in my power to avoid going into the shop. Yesterday for example I opted to clean out the Biomass boiler over doing some work.

I’ve never really worked wood as a hobby for any length of time, I began as a neccesity, my dad was ill but jobs still needed doing so with help and guidance I did them, at school I did design technology (a posh name for wood and metal work). Then for a short spell while I worked on farms it was maintainece work that brought me to timber again and only at this time did I work timber for a hobby making the odd pieces for home and friends. At this point my career path changed and I began the start of wood working Professionaly by attending a course in bench joinery.

That was 2001 (I’d been on the course 7weeks when 9/11 happened). Since then I’ve pursued many avenues but I’ve always come back to bench joinery. As a rule I enjoy this side of things and provided I get out of the shop occasionally I really do enjoy my work.

So what’s driven my current state? Well customers and the pressures of running a business. Currently I’ve got a large job on that includes the sash window restoration amongst other things. But the goal posts keep changing and the client is un able to comprehend when I said 12 weeks from when the deposit was paid and the opening ready that I was not joking.

Hence the love has gone for this project and I’m just going through the motions now to get it done. I won’t be rushing to make any doors after this and plan to take a few weeks over Christmas and the early part of January to make other things and hopefully get my 5 head planer moulder working as it should do.

That hopefully will restore my passion and my drive to keep producing quality work.

I’ve also made the brave move of saying the order books are full until April 2018. Never before have I taken such a lead time but I plan to fully clear my entire backlog now before undertaking other jobs. I’ve also got a mountain of things I want and need to do in the shop and on machinery, they include getting the Resaw restored and building my sawmill.

So I guess I’ve officially burn out presently but I will return to form and have some interesting ideas in the pipeline.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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Moment ...

I haven’t burned out on woodworking over the years,
Yet, I certainly have burned out on some clients .
Explaining materials and processes and schedule to Some lay
persons ( for lack of a more harsh word ) was often a huge waste of time .

Whitacrebespoke ...

At the moment the whole situation is hectic and causing massive headaches. Client can’t see there is only 24 hours a day and his job is prob going to take 150+ hours. Also that you can’t just pick up double glazed toughend units of the peg.

Moment ...

It’s good that you have scheduled some time off
after this job …..sounds like it is needed . Good luck .

Madts ...

When I had my own business, I would also overload the schedule. That caused grief with the family and others. Better to slow down and enjoy the trade.


Moment ...

“Enjoy that well that thou shalt leave erlong. " W. Shakespeare
There is considered symbolism, in the painting posted above ,
by the artist. The splitting of the tree, the last leaf , the hammer
and wedge …….the buildings that are not quite buildings……..
the clock . Well , I went this afternoon and pulled up two
rooms of water damaged carpet and pad . Obviously the mold
spores got to me . whew…that explains it . Almost finished on that
" Box " build Madts