Finishes #1 Chalk Paint

As promised here is the start of some more detailed updates…

I have been playing around with different finishes and experimenting a bit with different combinations. It has definitely been a big learning kerb but I’ve now got some pleasing results.

I have had a selection of shapes cut via CNC (I know it’s not technically by hand but needs must and I can make up for it in design) in order to transform them into quirky/rustic plaques/fridge magnets/keyrings. Now when I carve something I tend to prefer a more natural finish with a nice wood stain and maybe a varnish to finish it off but with these CNC cut shapes they need a complete transformation. This is where we come to the CHALK PAINT – I cannot give this stuff enough praise. It has a fantastic natural finish, dries really fast and is a dream with brushwork. The best part is it’s all good for the environment with complementing wax/lacquer to finish it off.

Since making this discovery my work has improved 10fold with a perfectly smooth finish and even look about it.

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a1jim ...

Interesting find and fun signs too.

Madts ...

Nice work. I will now have to check out chalk paint. Thanks for the idea.


Bo Peep ...

Thanks guys. Madts the Annie Sloan stuff is expensive but worth it as the cheaper alternatives I have found are more troublesome and dry out quicker.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Great news that you have found a product that you like and are happy to use. You can blend your own and experiment, water, plaster of Paris and latex paint. I’d suggest one with a PVA binder if you can find it as that will mix easily with water. It may save you some on your item costs.

Annie Sloan apparently invented chalk paint and as such has retained a large market share, I can see why if the product is as high quality and easy to use as you have pointed out.

The fully home made products will come as you settle and have time to experiment with materials and tools and sharpen your skills. I’m glad you have found these blanks and your craft is drawing an income in for you. Often for creatives and crafters drawing an income is the hardest part.

Your signs are looking cracking now keep pushing forwards with it.

Manitario ...

Interesting, I’ve never used chalk paint. Will have to give it a try; most of the paint I use is milk paint, which is annoying at times to get an even coat with. It’s great to find a go-to finish that you don’t have to worry about how it will turn out.

Bo Peep ...

I agree a go too finish is fantastic and makes life so much easier. I’m going to be experimenting with the complementing was and lacquer finishes in the new year so I will put up a blog about my experience with it all. I’ve never used milk paint before it may be something i had a look at further down the line