Project builds #65: Bifold doors and windows to latest building regs

Hello folks, so my most recent job (or one of many has been to create a set a Bifold doors and a window for a new build extension going on the listed house with the sashes.

These have got to be bang on modern building regulations here in the U.K. this I have achieved through a scheme run by my supplier. For a fee I’m provided with detailed drawings to produce the joinery from. Now as you know nearly all my work is traditional so it comes as a shock to create such gappy joinery for example the windo casement has a 3mm gap all around it then inside of the groove in it the gap is 6mm and then a chamfer inside of that. the hinges are surface mounted and require no mortise pocket.

It’s the same with the Bifold doors a 6mm gap each end with 3mm between the doors. Then the hinges are also surface mounted. For some one like me who’s looking for 2-3mm once a door is in and fettled but to start with the door is the same size as the opening it takes a lot of getting used too.

Now with a tooling set to make these things (around £10000-£15000 worth of investment) I can see these thing would be marginally quicker than traditional methods and if you had a whole house to do then you’d be laughing because once set up that kind of tooling will run 1000 components before it starts dulling. For your average joe like me tooling like that is well and truly out of my league and these windows are actually a real pain in the backside to produce especially for one frame.

The Bifold doors allow more money to be charged but the kit systems are extortionate.

On the whole I don’t think I really like modern joinery but feel as much as I do not like it should the traditional bubble ever burst then I will be stuck in the past knowing how windows from the past 500 years work but not modern set ups.

I’m actually glad to have done one window and one set of bifolds I know now how to accurately price this modern work and it precision gaps filled with foam seals.

What surprises me most with this modern work is the section sizes used in its construction, because the double glazed units are so thick to get the correct insulation values the frames end up being extremely chunky to pass the security testing part of the modern building regulations.

As we all know the more cubic metrage of timber the more expensive the product.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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oldrivers ...

Good Work, thanks for sharing.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thankyou and your welcome will share more once fitted

lightweightladylefty ...

Thanks for all the details. You do superb work.


Jack ...

That is just amazing craftsmanship, thank you for all the pics and details.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks folks.