Rants from the chaos woodshop #3: A little glimpse into my shop, especially for Jack.

Hello folks hope the new year is being good to you?

My van spat its clutch out yesterday so after spending all morning looking at yet more work and arguing with an architect I had lost all enthusiasm this afternoon so I took some photos of the shop.

It’s a real state and needs cleaning up organising and shuffling around. I spend more hours in this place than anywhere so it’s shameful the state of it.

The wall with the saws on is the back of the shop and that should be the first photos then moving forwards to the front.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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Kelly ...

Photos of yet another woodworkers addiction to horizontal storage spaces in all forms and sizes.

Jack ...

I would strongly disagree with the term “shameful state” that you used in reference to your shop. I would propose using the term “a shop with character.” Those photos would bring joy to a true woodworkers heart. Thank you for sharing Adam.

RobsCastle ...

Looks like a working area to me, however best get a bench cleared and covered for the clutch disection and repair.

I have possibly got tools with the same name but thats a s far as it goes, they are dwafed by yours, …thats one Big A HCM !!

Whitacrebespoke ...

I would dissect the clutch in the Farm workshop but I’m not doing it the van is too low to the ground to do off axle stands and I don’t have a ramp or a transmission jack and the box is too heavy to lower down with out a transmission jack. So sod it that’s going to the mechanic on the 25th.

As for the shop. Long term the plan is an extension on the length by one more bay. Then a mezzinine in the first bay at the back above the tenoner racked out with storage so I don’t have to use horozontal storage devices.

The overhead router, router table, the bench at the back with the pillar drill and disc sander on will go up there. But we shal see that’s a 10 year plan really.

oldrivers ...

looks like a working area, makes me feel right at home.

Manitario ...

You have quite an amazing collection of machinery!

RobsCastle ...

so hows that clutch replacement going? …looking forward to seeing the black tire marks on the roadway soon!!

Whitacrebespoke ...

Clutch is done and not by me I rolled underneath took on look and rolled out again. Picked it up yesterday with an £850 bill as it had to have a flywheel too and propshaft bearings too.

As for my machine collection I’m lucky to have 3 phase power so running antiquated machines is a real option. In many cases the quality of the work is better on the old machines but the extraction available is poor. The later has so far always been improved with modification.

A local guy says my shop is full of death traps. Yet all the machines are now 50s,60s,70s machines. where as originally they were 1900-1930s or modern light trade/hobby rated machines.

I don’t consider them dangerous the only danger is myself and a lapse in concentration.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

When you have so much going on it is hard to stay organized . But as long as you can still use the shop , no problem . I had a storage room where I worked and it was always a mess . My boss would ask me to go get something for him, and i a few seconds I had it. I would tell him “organization isn’t putting things back – it’s knowing where they are at”

Brian ...

Wow that’s an impressive set of equipment you have there. Your electric bill must be insane. :-)

Whitacrebespoke ...

Comes to about £300/quarter for the whole farm so not so bad on the electric

Jack ...

Courious as to when you speak of the farm, how many hectares involved if you don’t mind telling us?

Whitacrebespoke ...

We have 21hecteres Jack little over 50 acres in old money. Not enough to live off (unless fully self suffient) but enough to be a pain in the arse.