Help with info on a planer.

I’m looking at buying a 1998 CKM p-630 planer. I can’t find much info on it via google or other search sights. My Dad and I have a small sawmill operation and would like to add a planer to our tool cache for customers and for our own projects. Will this planer hold up to heavy/rough lumber? Thanks for your help, Bob.


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Whitacrebespoke ...

Bob do you have any photos of it please?

From my experience of planers the older machines are cast build like tanks solid and will last another 100years but the extraction sucks.

The modern tools have exceptional extraction but some of them are very light built and finish is variable because of the light bodies.

Bobb ...

Here are some photos. It reminds me of the older grizzly planers. Hopefully the pictures load.

Whitacrebespoke ...

That’s going to need a new set of start buttons is my first reaction. The control box has been bashed. I’d be expecting to go through the whole thing electrically.

It’s certainly a heavy unit that’s a good start. However your also going to need a jointer with it.

Would you not be better with a 4 or even better a 5/6 head planner moulder?

Bobb ...

Thanks for the comments above. I’m just starting to outfit my woodworking shop. A moulder will be in the mix sometime in the near future. Our focus now is on large slabs that can be planed without completely draining the bank. I will probably hold out for an older Newman, Oliver, or powermatic.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Something like this may be your best option. This one is mine. That thickness planer will work well but does not give you the option to flatten stabs.