Timber frame barn conversion #1: Getting a start in

So as I stated in my first blog on this job we have been called in mid term to rectify mistakes made. These mistakes really are too many to list and are quite frankly school boy errors and all are unavoidable with basic building knowledge, common sense, a tape measure, stringline and plumb bob.

We’re busy removing the posts from the concrete sub floor and replacing them the original sand stone pads.


After, planed cut refitted using a loose tenon as we couldn’t get them back in else.

We’re also sorting out lots of poor joinery.

This was the job at the end of the day yesterday

It’s taken 35mins to upload these few pictures tonight as the internet is on go slow it seems. Many more to come

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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Whitacrebespoke ...

And I’m still missing about 9 photos

Whitacrebespoke ...

This is the post on the new old stone

Wes Louwagie ...

Looks like a big project. Do you provide the timbers also?

Whitacrebespoke ...

Hi Wes, it is a big project but It would seem that I do one large project like this a year and fit the rest in around it.

In a normal situation yes I would supply all the materials but as the client has been shafted so far on this job I’m getting quotes from my suppliers and they are paying for the gear directly so are getting at cost. Which suits me as I’m not having to juggle money.

The timber were currently using is what’s been demolished from the previous poor work done I’m using up what I can where I can.