Workshop machinery #20: Beam planer

Today was an interesting day, I got a visit from the U.K. importer of Mafell equipment to do a demonstration.

A little background may be needed Mafell make serious Carpentry tool for timber framers it’s seriously industrial kit. They also now do a range for the general carpenter/ wood worker now too. The Carpentry tools are made exclusively by Mafell in Germany. Some of The general tools are made under license by the likes of metabo.

I was so impressed by the big 320mm cut beamplaner that I have done a a deal on one. It took 3mm of a 200×2500mmm Douglas fir beam in one pass tonight.

Tags: professional woodworking

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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David A Sylvester ...

How much $$

Moment ...

$ 5,754 U.S.D.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Too much. £3500 here in uk

David A Sylvester ...

Still a lot of money but if your in the trade It looks like it indispensable tool to have

Moment ...

5,754.00 usd
€ 4,664.00 Euros
4,036.00 Pounds, including tax

Whitacrebespoke ...

That might be the list price. Very rare for you to pay list price on a machine. This one is a 2017 made machine so on 2017 pricelist too

Moment ...

That was a list price from a U.S. supplier and it’s currency conversion to euros and pounds . £3500 sounds
about right for your side of the pond . Looks like
a good purchase for your company .

Whitacrebespoke ...

I think so it’s a big investment and I will be honest it’s not much less than I paid for my planer thicknesser. What I will say though is the cutter block is a better quality than my original dewalt planer thicknesser and the finish quality from this machine is better than my current planer thicknesser.

Time is coming though for me to specialise I cannot cope with current work volumes and it’s the heritage work that makes me tick and keeps my interest. It may be time to specialise in the period work, timberframing, sash windows etc for old buildings.