Garden Gates #2: Gate finished

Except for painting the raw steel. The straps are set on a dado flush with the surface and the screws are countersunk. The screws are not stainless. I hope they survive. They should do ok painted with oil enamel paint.

The hinges are on with hex head lag bolts. They’re not even galvanized. Stoopid Lowe’s didn’t have 3/8 × 1-1/2 in galvanized. They’ll get painted too.

Overall I’m pretty happy. When it’s installed, none of it’s imperfections will be visible from the street. :-)

Now I need to get lumber and start the arch.

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a1jim ...

It turned out great.

Jack ...

That’s a great job Brian, going to be beautiful.

Brian ...

Thanks. I can’t wait to get the arches built now. Looks like I might be able to finish this project by next weekend if the weather is ok.