Hand planes #11: A little bit of family history.

My Mother came to see me at my shop yesterday as she wanted a new prop for her washing line. I pulled a piece of deal out the rack and 4.5 plane out of the cupboard smoothed all four faces and knocked the arris off.

The plane I pulled out was a record that was my dads. He had brought it New I’d say from the paint colour and wooden handles some time in the 1970s/80s. It’s far from the best quality plane made by record but it’s a good user. The thing that drives me crazy with it and always has is the broken rear handle as it has had for as long as I can remember.

After using it yesterday I thought right I’m going to find a handle in my spares bin and sort this out once and for all. When I took the handle off though I found my dads name written in ink on the base of the handle.

I’m not sure what the other writing was it looks like a date. Possibly added last time he repaired the handle.

Having seen this I though I too aught to attempt a repair. So I found a long 1/4 hex shaft screw driver bit and placed this up the hole in the handle and glued the two halves using wests system epoxy. Only time will tell if this repair will work I hope so as I hope to preserve the writing with the plane.

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Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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oldrivers ...

A treasure you found there, always interesting when I find something like you found, it is connection to the passed. I have a habit when I build a project for a family member I will write a note, date and sign it. I do this in a location where it is not readily seen even covered to be found later as you found under the handle. Thanks for sharing.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Yes it’s a beautiful surprise and I have often found it on stuff that’s been ripped out of places. I like to leave a makers mark of some description where I can.

Bo Peep ...

Here’s hoping the repair works. I love finding connections like this to the past, it’s something to treasure forever

Whitacrebespoke ...

It’s had a fair amount of use since it was repaired and seems to be ok.

Bo Peep ...

A job well done then. Now you have something special you can hand down through the generations in your family

Brian ...

A good find. It’s meant to be.

I do believe that epoxy should be a fair bit stronger than wood glue for this application, seeing as the split is likely not to line up well after the handle being used offer the years (dirt, missing fibers, etc). Epoxy will fill the voids. I tested this once while making a fishing lure from 2 halves with a carving in the middle for wiring it through. I put it in my vise, hooked some pliers to the nose loop on the lure and pulled until it broke. The break was in the wood, nowhere near the epoxy. Very scientific, of course…. But I doubt you will ever need to worry about your repair breaking. It would break somewhere else before breaking at the glue joint.

Whitacrebespoke ...

That was my thoughts too Brian and why I chose epoxy over PVA that I’d normally use.

Brian ...

Did you put your initials on the top of the handle?

Whitacrebespoke ...

Brian I never thought to.