Project builds #70: Little barn truss and purlins.

Another job off the still very long list. A little truss and purlins done.

Done with traditional joints and draw pegs in genuine English grown oak that was locally milled to me. Small truss with the tie beam being just over 3.6metres and purlin length being 7.7metres

Tags: professional woodworking green oak

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.

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oldrivers ...

Those truss and purlins look good and very strong, you do great workmanship.

Whitacrebespoke ...


Bo Peep ...

Cracking work, it’s looking well

Jack ...

That is amazing and beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us!!

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thankyou. I do try the client on the big barn says I’m a perfectionist but is not happy about how long things take.

Brian ...

It’s YUUGE! Nice work.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Brian this is a baby truss. Compared to some.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Doing a really good job