Farm house Kitchen Remodel

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Here are some photos of a recent farm house kitchen remodel. I brought in some help for this one.
As you will see in the progress photos we did a substantial remodel. Demo, new ceiling and can lights, drywall, paint, Custom painted cabinets and Cherry butcher block counter tops.

Awesome pictures. Here is what I found few days ago, a great website ( ) which helped me with some advises about thee wood working sphere, and wood routers as well. They have a lot of recommendations about it.

Yes I did the design with the home owner. I actually didn’t put a finish on the counter top. The home owners wanted to do there own finish, they wanted a dry worn look so the used store bought products and applied and applied and applied and so on…. it looks good and they got the look they wanted but I don’t recommend it for a wet area.

Looks great.. you do the design also? What finish do you use on the countertop?
I’ve had the same issues with loading photos, must be a trick??

unfortunately the rest of my photos of the completed project are too big to upload. Not sure how to fix that, I’m a woodworker after all.
Thanks for looking.

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