New Feature Alert: Updated Links in Notifications

Just a small upgrade but a worthwhile one nonetheless. The links – in the notifications – to the new posts in discussions you’re following will now take you right to the first new post (comment or reply) since your last visit.

No need to click and scroll down anymore.


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Martin Sojka,


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Moment ...

That is cool . Great design and evolving features on your site
make it a very enjoyable experience . You’ve got skills : )

MsDebbieP ...

that is NICE!

Martin Sojka ...

Glad you like it.. small it improvement but it was requested quite often. Every bit counts down the road :)

shipwright ...

Small maybe Martin, but much appreciated. … especially in the longer threads.

Bentlyj ...

Another fine feature!
Now if we could get a "Pulse-Like feature to be able follow All the comments on All the subjects, that would be great. LOL
(broken wheel gets the grease, I’m still squeaking) :)

Madts ...


Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

That’s not small, that’s fantastic. Thanks for putting in the work. This site is getting better by the day.

Martin Sojka ...

Looks like small but it was not an easy task for sure. And yup we’re going to keep improving this site and make it better. You should see my long task list on good old A4 paper :)

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Just to let you know, it works great and I love it.

lanwater ...

It works pretty good!