My shop #1: Clamp modification

Now I,m retired there is more time to reorganize my shop. Ten years ago I made my shop set up. From time to time bought some stuff and reorganisation was more than necessary. One of the things I did was making a bench you could see at """":

In this blog series I want to show some modifications and some things I made the last time.

I bought a very cheap clamp (Euro 1,95) and changed it to use as a festool guide quick clamp. Below you can see how I did it.

First I to disassembled the common clamp.

Grinded the top of the rod.

Cut off the grinded top.

Then I welded the top perpendicular on the clamp rod.

And after grinding the changed clamp fitted into the saw guide rail

  • Part 1: Clamp modification
  • Part 2: Overvieuw

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Thorreain ...

Nice solution!

shipwright ...

That clamp looks a lot like the ones that Harbor freight sells. They aren’t orange any more and the innards have been improved but that looks exactly like one of their “$1.99 specials”.
I like the repurpose. It’s a great idea.

Mike40 ...

Excellent idea Jan. Welding skills can be a real asset for woodworkers, but I have never ventured into it for fear of burning down my shop and garage

lanwater ...

Yeah, it’s the same one as the harborfreight.

Great thinking.

Jared Seaver ...

I do all welding out side well away from my shop. All ways afraid of fires. That said it is handy to be able to do.

Thorreain ...

I have a pair of these cheap clamps that were given to me. They can’t be used to draw wood together as they are a poor design. The solution you have found to put them into use is great. They are good at holding onto something like making a jig so they are not totally useless but you have to be careful that they haven’t moved in a critical application.

Mark ...

Excellent idea! I could use a few more Festool clamps.

Tomas ...

This is my first experience reading WoodworkingWeb. I am a recently retired wood shop teacher turned principal. I am working on collecting some woodworking tools and getting back into sawdust therapy! Just wanted to comment on your creative clamp revision. I have a couple of these Harbor Freight clamps which work well on some “hold down” needs. Great suggestion, thanks for sharing.

Thorreain ...

I think I may be converting the 2 that I have, thanks for the idea.