My Take on a Small Budget/Space Shop #4: Garage to Shop in 2 1/2 Minutes

This is a fun little video I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. It is what I do every morning (with slight variations) when I’m in Green Valley. In this case I needed the belt sander first but it could just as easily have been the bandsaw or one of the other SPT’s. I always set up the SS for table saw when I first pull it out. That accounts for a couple of extra moves in this case.

I was going to do another one when I put it all away tonight but you can just run this one in reverse and imagine me sweeping up under the SS for a minute or two. The one thing that SS is bad at is dust collection on the TS. The dust collector gets the fines but a fair bit of the heavier sawdust escapes. …. no big deal.

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If God wanted us to have fiberglass boats he would have given us fiberglass trees.

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lanwater ...

I thought I was the only one with car parked in the shop; garage.
I go through the same exercise. The only difference I get to move a lot of stuff around.

The SS is versatile with a small footprint. A great piece of machinery.

Although I sweep at the end of every of the day I “woodwork”, my shop is not clean and neat like yours. Your shop is so much cleaner.

Brian ...

I just wish I could open the door and wear shorts! Jeez… Actually, on second thought, I’ve been smoking and curing ham and sausage, so I need a couple more months of cold weather. You can keep your shorts and open doors and singing birds. ;-)

My garage is even smaller (10 × 20), so I can’t even push tools to the side and park a car. I simply had to choose between parking or a shop. Fortunately my wife is very understanding so I do get a very small but dedicated space for myself.

By the way, this was part of last night’s dinner: homemade smoked Hungarian kolbasz. Winter can be useful too.

Jack ...

Beautiful efficient use of limited space. I’m beginning a make over of the shop but it is a slow process because I go down there to rearrange and end up working on some project. And Brian I make a killer fish stew that kolbasz would be great in.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

i think a majority of us woodworkers have a garage workshop. most very in size and this make us utilize the space the best we can and limits the size of machinery we use. summers woodworking is useing a shipping cantainer as his shop now thats gotta be tight. if i took a pole for having a bigger shop we all hit the yes button. you know i completly lost where i was going with this as i sit at the doctors office. well Brian your sausage looks really good. mail me a

Papa Time ...

I like many others have dreamed of building my own shop. One that I don’t have to share with cars or bicycles or ??. When I decided to “do it” I got the building plans made up and off to the City for permits I went. The City put up such a fuss and made it so hard to build that I gave up. Then inspiration struck. I purchased a 26 foot travel trailer and gutted the inside. This one had a slide out living space so that added a few extra sq. feet. I kept the propane heater and the fridge(for obvious reasons) and the electrical in place and took everything else out. Now I have my own work space and the City can’t say a thing about it. I have a small table saw in there for the little things and I still keep my monster table saw in the garage. All in all I am very pleased with the shop space. I have a radial arm saw, chop saw, band saw, scroll saw, lathe router table, planer, drill press, 2 bench top sanders and a small wood working bench set up in the front. Sometimes you have to think about doing things just a bit differently to achieve the end result.