Workshop Tour Challenge #1: Announcement

How does your creative kingdom look? What are your favorite tools? Prepare a tour of your workshop and share it with your WoodworkingWeb buddies for a chance to win a $100 online gift card from your favorite online shop.


  1. Post a tour of your workshop as a blog entry (+Add → New Blog Entry). Add a workshoptour tag.
  2. Post before March 7, 6:00 pm UTC.
  3. We will do a random drawing from all the entries on March 8, 3:00 pm UTC.
  4. The Winner wins a $100 online gift card from a favorite online shop.
  5. Online shop must sell online gift cards or – alternatively – the winner must be able to accept the PayPal payment.

Have fun and get ready to know each other a bit more.

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Martin Sojka,

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BillO ...

I guess I’m really behind. I thought today was February 21. Does that mean this challenge is already over or am I a month a head of myself. It must be the time to spring forward.

Craftsman on the Lake ...

Hmm.. I just got this notice today…. Feb 21

Hmm.. I just got this notice today…. Feb 21What gives Martin?

Greg ...

Time machine needed..

Thorreain ...

Oh well I guess I missed another contest, just jot this notice now.

Tootall ...

A little late, just received info, will get the next one

Martin Sojka ...

Ooops, should be March, of course. Fixed.

lightweightladylefty ...

Martin, I think you’re working too hard!


Jack ...

This is going to be good!!

Greg ...

Now the date is changed to March …that’ll work. does this need to be a video tour or can it be a photo tour? I don’t own a video machine.

Martin Sojka ...

Photo tour is perfectly fine, Greg.

Jack ...

Been trying to upload shop tour but can’t get video or even stills to upload. Anyone else having a problem?

Martin Sojka ...

It’s not possible to upload video – you may use youtube and embed. There should be NO problem with the images though.

Jack ...

OK, thank you Martin.

lightweightladylefty ...


My husband went out to the shop this morning and was impressed with the cleaning I had done. Now he wants to know if you can run the shop contest every month so I’ll clean it more often! LOL


Martin Sojka ...

Haha. Nice side effect of a little challenge.