Rickswoodworks new workshoptour #1: workshoptour

This is a new building we put up this last summer, the machine are all the same that we have had except our new craftsman table saw

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Rick Franks

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lanwater ...

Great use of the space which you seem to have plenty of.

Very functional shop.

I like the executive chair:)

Rickswoodworks ...

so do I, (Chair) I love the room and in one picture there is a sliding door and on the other side is an 18’ X18’ Barn style shed with a loft

Brian ...

Looks like you have a lot of natural light too. That’s awesome. Nice shop.

Steve66 ...

Really nice shop Rick.I like all the natural light. Great set up!

lightweightladylefty ...


I really like your set-up for scrolling. Nice shop!


Carverdave ...

Really nice shop Rick!