Cutting Metal On Your Table Saw

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Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


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lanwater ...

I cut aluminum angles and bars several time with my regular blade.
Just slow. Watch for the small projections.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

I’ve never done this. I usually do metal cutting with a hack saw or my 4"angle grinder with a cut off wheel. But it was a great knowledge base to share.

Christopher Richard ...

I have cut thin metal and aluminum with my table saw before, but I done use a metal cutting blade. I use a 60 tooth or more and install the blade backwards and with works fine. It also doesn’t throw the chips at you. It throws them toward the back of the saw.

Jared Seaver ...

I find a skill saw with a guide works best for metal, but than I’m normally cutting steel not aluminum or brass.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Yeah im just nervous about thinking about doing something like cutting metal on the saw. Well for one its bran new lol maybe after a year or two. Lol

craigdoesthat ...

I have been cutting aluminum (door tracks, angles, etc.) with my miter saw for years. Obviously, a good carbide tipped blade in good condition is a must, but the real secret is to go very slowly. One quick move can send your work and the tool into directions you didn’t want either going.