Clamp Storage Design

Here is a pipe clamp storage I designed. This is an Entry for the clamp Storage Design. You can make this any length you want. This is my double decker and I am holding 58 pipe clamps. I can put F style on the rack in between the pipe clamps. You also can put squeeze clamps or C clamps on it. However you might want to leave the drilled out and cut slots out and leave the section solid wood.
Next, I have mine screwed to the studs in the wall. However, you can easily add a French Cleat to the back.
I made mine from 2 x material that I thickness planed to 1". All joints were glued, counter sunk, & screwed with 2 1/2" course thread construction screws. About every 4" in the center of the joint.
This rack holds 1/2" & 3/4" pipe clamps. I put my bracing every eighth clamp. You could space them out to 18 or 20 “.
The thing you have to do is use a 1” diameter bit for the 1/2" pipe clamps and a 1 1/4 for the 3/4" pipe clamp. I didn’t change any layout just hole size. Make sure you drill and cut slots before assembly. I only have 10 3/4" pipe clamps and they are on the far right. I also added some small nails to hold my clamp tracks for my skill saw or router. Next you can use the very top as a shelf.
I believe that this is very versatile.
Please see my drawings of which I did by hand. Theres the side view, top view, front view and a isometric view. If you have a question I’ll answer it. Im designing my F style clamp rack as you read this.

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Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


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Steve Tow ...

Cool! Very nice! !!

Mike40 ...

Great system. Very compact with two rows.

a1jim ...

Looks like a good sturdy design.

lanwater ...

Great use of space Jeff.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Its a great design and its very sturdy. I have a lot of weigh hanging on it with no issues. Thanks guys

Wade ...

Nice job, looks like a good use of space!

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Yeah I hope the modified plan works out. You know it great to hear whats popular by you. Its funny we all live in so many different areas of this world and use so many different types of tools but we all end up with the same results. Beautiful creations and feeling good about what we accomplished.

Wood-Chuck (Bruce) ...

Great design …. works well!